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Shoe Repair

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Extend the life of your old and valuable shoes, sandals, and leather accessories by rebuilding, refurbishing, repairing, and cleaning.  We can heal your soles and re-attach broken heels for affordable prices. We pride ourselves on first class repairs and alterations of footwear. Whether it’s general shoe repair, adding lifts or modifying footwear we can do it. We also carry a basic selection of common shoe care products.

  • Heels for Stilettos (Ladies)
  • Heels medium and large (Ladies)
  • Rubber soles stick on (Ladies)
  • Rubber and leather toes (Ladies)
  • Rubber heels (Men)
  • ¼ rubber heels (Men)
  • ¼ steel heels (Men)
  • Rubber soles stick on (Men)
  • Rubber and leather toes (Men)
  • Chubb
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